We make it a point of honor to offer regular activities to our members.

You will find the activities of the week in the chat lobby #activities of our discord server.

We have a rhythm of one activity per evening during the week, thanks to the motivation of our GM team, Officers and NCOs who animate these evenings in turn.

Although the XIIIth is an organization 100% dedicated to Star Citizen, We play two more games regularly during the Alpha: Arma 3 – Squad – which we use as « simulators » to set up the procedures that will be used by the XIIIth Corps.

Activities Format


| Relaxed evenings:

During this type of evening, we play in relaxed mode, the communications are free, no lead is clearly defined. These evenings allows us to decompress.

Value: 1 points of participation [1pp]  -> [for points system see the ranks page.]


| Basic training:

Star Marine, Arena Commander, Planetary training, Training of the procedures acquired during an instruction.

Value: 1 points of participation [1pp]


| Missions and operations:

These are « serious » evenings, during which we ask for discipline, usage of radio or intercom type communications and respect for the leader.

Our line of conduct during these activities: Efficiency, results and minimal losses.

Value: 3 points of participation [3pp]


| Instruction courses:

The instructors of the XIIIth are in charge to instruct the personnel to reach quickly the XIIIth Skill minimum standard.

At the end of an instruction (that sometimes can take place on several modules), you obtain the patent and the corresponding badge.

Value: 3 points of participation [3pp]


| Free time

During these evenings, members are free to do what they like. (Except Piracy and Criminal activities)
Each afternoon is considered « Free time », unless someone decides to take fellow XIIIth brothers to do some logistics, or anything.

Value: 0 points of participation


Types of Activities


| Missions and operations:

These are military activities implemented for the interests of XIIIth or for those of his allies. The operations are missions on a larger scale in terms of time (several days), or assets deployed.


| Contracts:

These are military and security activities for third parties, be they NPCs or other organizations.


| Instruction Courses

The instructions primarily serve the purpose of teaching specific tactical knowledge and procedures in a military field.


– Naval Pilot course teaches pilots to evolve in flight formations, of different types according to different situations, out of combat or to prepare for combat.

– The IMF (Initial Military Training) includes several modules designed to inculcate the basics of infantry combat. This one then opens on the Marines training which goes even further by tackling tactics specific to the combat in Fire Team, Squad, and Platoon.

We will give you some strings, when you get the instructions, to become better in the field, but to acquire Skill, there is no secret, it goes through personnal training.



The PVE will logically be a big part of our activities, especially at the start of the game.

We will make security contracts for the UEE, in order to raise our reputation towards it.

Types of UEE contracts:

– Long Range Exploration campaings 
– Bounty hunting
– Cargo recovery
– Search and rescue missions
– Pirate Eliminations
– and any mission the UEE and UEE factions/Systems will propose

We will also execute industrial contracts to acquire resources, to increase the XIIIth and personnal Wallets.



One of our PVE objectives will also be to conduct Long Range exploration campaigns over one or more weeks, outside of a contract or under a contract, to collect data or artifacts.

That is in fact the Original mission of the XIIIth Corps when it was created in 2885 by the UEE Navy, at the request of the Imperial Senate.


At the PVP level, we will patrol the system where we are established to counter pirate or criminal activity.

No offensive pvp in a normal situation, but the players tagged pirates will be attacked on sight if tactically in our favor.

We will also have to support the pvp activities of our allies if they make the request. Of course, we will take steps to protect our assets and interests against any threat.

It is possible for a XIIIth patrol to engage a civilian if it moves in a restriction or prohibition zone., for example because an operation is in progress in an unmonitored sector. The reason is to ensure the security of the entire operation and avoid surprise attacks.

We will always execute some warning fire and message the tresspasser in this case.

Logistics Activities


| We plan to focus on logistics activities in the beginning, from the Beta, to build the assets of the XIIIth, in credits, materials and resources.

The industrial activities will also be instructed to acquire knowledge of the systems and tools specific to industrial vessels.

The industry will benefit from our internal escort capability for each industrial operation, it is one of the advantages to be part of a Private Military Company

Once our resources goals will be reached, the industrial activities will be used to maintain a supply of resources and credits for the use of XIIIth, part of which will be allocated for the use of the personnel, who will then have access to the XIIIth Corps facilities and equipment.


Competition Activities


| The XIIIth will be open to competition and will promote this activity for its members.

The objective is to form Teams, counting the best players in the competitive activities: Squadron Battle, Racing, Star Marine.

Obtaining results in competition is for us a way to promote the XIIIth by increasing its public visibility, and to allow our members to distinguish themselves and exceed their limits, and share their experience to other members.