EN-Colonial Fleet

The Colonial Fleet is responsible for all space missions and is able to intervene in all theaters of operations, autonomously, with the support of Colonial Logistics.

The Colonial Fleet has two divisions: The Naval Strike Group [NSG] and The 1st Strike Fighter Wing [SFW]

Naval Strike Group

The Naval Strike Group is composed of the Capital Ships that will spearhead our operations, from Hammerhead Corvettes to Javelin Destroyer

The Group is variable in geometry, and adapts according to the available personnel and for missions specificities

For these specific missions, a Task Force will generally be constituted, grouping different elements of the XIIIth Corps or Allies


NSG Missions:

  • Garrisson of the XIIIth Expeditionary Corps
  • Rear base for intelligence / recon / lighting missions
  • Escort missions for various types of activities: science, exploration, hospital, replenishment, mining, repairs, fuel supply, salvage, cargo transport, …
  • Space / ground combat missions with deployment of Marines
  • Support missions for a fleet of several organizations
  • Security Patrol Missions, Search & Destroy, Search & Rescue
  • Support and deployment missions of heavy Marine equipment
  • Rescue missions
  • Blockade missions
  • Support / Security Missions for the Establishment of Outposts
  • Monitoring of jump points and transit routes


NSG – Naval Strike Group ships

1st Strike Fighter Wing

1st Strike Fighter Wing missions:

Security patrol on a sector
Search and destroy
Tailing of suspects
Interdiction of an area to ensure air and/or space superiority
Interception of fleeing or inbound vessels
Escort of Industrial/Merchant Ships or XIIIth Task Force or Allies
Recon and Advanced Space Alert [ASA].
Bombing runs

Composition of the First Fighter Wing:

  • « Night Hawks » – multi role Squadron/Interception
  • « Snow Leopards » – Interdiction/Defensive Squadron
  • « Terminators » – Bomber Squadron (Torpedoes)
  • « Vampires » – Recon and ASA (Advanced Space Alert)