We want:

  • To grow our organization to allow the XIIIth to deploy all the necessary means for the accomplishment of its missions – First Stop: 300 members
  • To complete security contracts for other organizations or individuals aswell as contracts for the UEE
  • To accomplish missions specific to the XIIIth according to our objectives
  • To maintain an organization with an excellent reputation in the field of security
  • To maintain a high level of skills within our Branches
  • To ensure efficiency trough training, comms, discipline.
  • To maintain daily activities, from scripted missions to training, patrols, social meetings…
  • To Get the best equipment to reach our goals
  • To Establish a main base and Forward Operation Bases in strategic systems and sectors
  • Beside the military aspect, our logistic branch will allow us to touch different aspects of the game: Mining, Salvage, Refueling, Science, Medical, Exploration, Racing (as promotional activity)
  • We want to provide our members with the ships and equipment needed to carry out the operations of the XIIIth – Fighters, Capitals, Industrial Ships, Armors, weapons: You only need a starter package to join our organisation
  • We want to explore Vanduul territories as a long term goal, to claim revenge for our lost families (See lore link à créer), establish a FOB there and search for rare ressources.



« Every day is a busy day »


| Our goal is to continue to offer daily activities, from instructions, through training, to scripted missions and contracts for our clients

We want our members to feel part of a group, a family

XIIIth Corps activities will also aim to achieve specific objectives, such as the acquisition of vessels for the use of members, or industrial operations for the benefit of the XIIIth wallet or for the financial benefit of the participants

We want to create a synergy of individuals efforts towards a collective goal, so that the group is more effective than the sum of our individualities




| We want the XIIIth to be an organization appreciated for its skills and reliability in the field of security, for our customers – we want a lasting bond of trust with our customers, who can count on our professionalism :

Punctuality – Efficiency – Discretion

At the military level, we want to be recognized for our value by our enemies, and we train now to get there

The XIIIth will be a well-oiled war machine, designed for maximum efficiency, with particular attention to personal skill, structured communications, various procedures and the best use of each person’s skills.




| We are open to the community

Being obedient to the laws of the UEE, the XIIIth will get along naturally with any organization of the same alignment, but we also maintain good relations with many non-aligned organizations, we know to distinguish the universe of the game and the IRL

Of course the precautionary principle will prevail regarding the exchange of information or activities with potential future enemies

A pvp training is possible with a pirate organization, but not a cooperative training, which could induce permeability in regards to our pvp procedures – we would not want to train or inform our enemies InGame


Our embassy is open to representatives of any organization:

Contact us on Discord




| About the competition, our goal is to maintain high level teams active in simulators:

Arena Commander – Star Marine – Racing

Also, we will train and align one or more racing teams for planetary and space races, including a maintenance team, transport of racing vehicles

The main purpose of these activities is to raise personnal and group skill and promote and build the reputation of the XIIIth




| One of our objectives is also to propose missions of our own, by proposing a scenario and a more elaborate briefing than what proposes the missions of the game

The scope of Star Citizen allows and encourages this type of custom content, we intend to use it

Since the 2.0, we already propose this kind of scenario to our members to fill the lack of missions of the game

These custom scenarios will be proposed internally, but also in collaboration with friendly organizations. Opfor or Bluefor.