EN-Colonial Marines

The Colonial Marines constitute the other armed arm of the XIIIth Expeditionary Corps.
They assume a wide range of missions and have their own pilots and Aerospace support.
The Marine Corps of the XIIIth is composed of 3 divisions: Infantry, Aerospace Division and Special Operations.

Marines Infantry Division [INF]


Working as a team, trained in the most demanding tactics and training continuously, Colonial Marine Infantry members are all combat specialists.

Protect an authority, vessel or facility, conduct an assault or boarding, an inspection. For all these missions and many more, it is the marine infantry that is used.

First active Platoon:


XIIIEC 1st Platoon « Black Panthers » – 4 Squads of 9 Marines

We count on you to join the ranks to allow us to form two or more platoons to extend the capabilities of the XIIIth Expeditionary Corps. Ahou!

Marines Aerospace Division [MAD]


The Aerospace Division allows the Marines to provide their own tactical aerospace mobility, air to ground support and planetary air superiority.

Mobility is assured by light and heavy dropships for insertions and extractions, Green or hot zone.

Marines Fighters and Bombers are used to escort these dropships and provide close fire support for the benefit of the marines in the field.

These different means are organized within mixed squadrons or flights

Fighters used by the M.A.D. are mostly Anvil ships

Dropships are more diverse in size and capacity: Cutlass/Hoplite/Prowler/Hercules


1st and actual squadron of the MAD is PEGASUS Squadron – Callsign Yankee

Marines Special Operations Division [SOD]


The Special Operations Division of the Colonial Marines is composed of selected operators from the marines.

Generally presenting atypical profiles and a good capacity to integrate within a team acting in total autonomy, these operators are entrusted with missions whose objectives have a strategic value or of management of crisis.

Hostage release, capture of high-value targets, search and transmission of intelligence, among others, are the prerogatives of Special Operations Groups.

Each group has organic resources including its own vessels and vehicles. These are usually modified to best meet the parameters of their missions

Training Courses