The ranks of the XIIIth are obtained in two different ways.

First, up to the E6 rank of the NCO juniors, members who participate in the activities of the organization receive points of participation, which gives them ranks by points.

Secondly, members who invest in the XIIIth and who show some of the capabilities we are looking for will be able to get a position that will give them a higher rank automatically upon appointment.

-> Appointed NCOs get the rank E7

-> Appointed Officers get the rank O1

-> The senior officers are the administrators of the XIIIth and are replaced only exceptionally.


You will notice that even Officers and NCO have the opportunity to progress to a higher grade.

Example: Senior NCO can progress from E7 to E9 based on points earned.

Two special cases:

E9 – Major NCO – Master Chief petty officer of the Fleet is an honorary title and is a unique position to reward an NCO who distinguished himself throughout his career in the XIII

O4 – Senior CO – Lieutenant Commander is an honorary title given to a retired Senior Officer for services rendered to the XIIIth