The XIIIth Expeditionary Corps is a Private Military Company operating in the field of security and risk management.

Deep space… Its wonders and its dangers… Whether for adventurers, Families of settlers or big corporations, this is the Eldorado that drives them to chase their dreams. But all too often, dreams turn into nightmares for those who do not take care to cover their backs.

This is where the XIIIth comes in, to cover your back and make sure your business is doing well, or that your far-off journeys do not end up recovering your life pod in the wreck of your ship

We can provide relevant advices on all aspects of security, corporate operations, commercial risk and foreign investment, counterterrorism, close protection and support.

Our customers will benefit from the high skills of our staff, in different areas, acquired through the training we offer internally and our tactical and strategic knowledge.

Protection Services

| Custom XIII protection services will help our customers continue their activities in high-risk environments.

Personal Safety: Our highly qualified and trained Marines teams will allow our customers to travel safely in high-risk or hostile environments. Our equipment will be adapted to the requests of our customers, for the context of operation.

We will provide analysis and intelligence on the road ahead, the prevention of imponderables, and the management of front-line care in the event of an incident.

Security of space and planetary installations.

Safety of convoys: the XIIIth will ensure the safety of the convoys between different points and the management of the displacement. We will provide all the equipment and services to ensure the specific requests of our customers. Convoy security includes the internal security of the means of transport. We have military grade equipment suitable for counter-piracy.

| The XIIIth supports the complex challenges facing the mining and gas extraction sectors. We will make every effort to ensure the assistance of the industry throughout the stages of transformation, transport and sale.

Our goal will be to provide tailor-made support for our clients’ activities to ensure business continuity, protecting their infrastructure and settlements.

New: We will offer a turn key solution to build outposts anywhere in the universe.

Wide variety of models available:

Mining, sciencitific lab, exploration/aid/survival, storage, military.

| XIIIth recon services will help companies build their business in emerging and unstable systems, or provide
information about the activity of a system.

Our experience and knowledge in the field will enable us to be in a position to provide the necessary support and advice to take economic or strategic decisions and propose the necessary risk management strategies for commercial success.

Intelligence services of the XIIIth:

  • Identification and preparation of planetary locations for installation of outposts
  • Information on one or more systems
  • Risk identification
  • Security and surveillance technology
  • Radar watch
  • Detailed reports
  • Information Retrieval and Analysis
  • Confidentiality and security of information collected

| We evaluate your security strategies.

We will be at your disposal to make your business safer by improving your security procedures based on our expertise in this area.

Our consulting offer will be simple advice on the safest route to take for an impotant delivery, to the overall assessment of your security strategy.

Areas of application:

  • Evaluation of commercial routes
  • Security of communications
  • Evaluation of escorts procedures and capacities of your own security